😎🤙😎🤙😎🤙😎🤙BoN: Rate My Node 😎🤙😎🤙😎🤙😎🤙

Good morning ✌, day ✌ or night ✌, depending on when you read it.

Probably each of you knows such a game as a battlefield. Now the events of this game take place among the nodes (a joke) and I want you to:

This is not a guide, I will only show you my nodes, which are now on the battlefield, in the very heat of battle!
  1. For convenience, I used the services of Vultr.com and they provided me with a VPS server
  2. At first I used a weak configuration, which worked flawlessly, but then I had to change due to the fact that I just didn’t have enough and my configuration looked like this:
This is enough to run 4–5 nodes

Also on this site they give free $ 50, which allows you to start nodes for free


What tools do i use?

@BoNMonitorBot is a favorite companion and part-time bot that helps you easily track nodes like a security guard at a post





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Marsel Marsel

Marsel Marsel

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